European Coffee Grinders or Mills

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Kenrick Coffee Grinder or Mill

Item No. 3642

Manufactured by Archibald Kenrick in Westbromwich England around 1850 this mill features a brass hopper and nameplate on the front with mounting holes on the sides of the base. This was a popular style mill and many companies manufactured similar mills. It has lost quite a bit of it's original finish but is in overall very good condition for it's age. It was disassembled , cleaned and had one missing bolt replaced on the top of the body.


PeDe Coffee Grinder or Mill 


Item No. 3646

A very nice mill manufactured by PeDe (Peter Dienes) which is embossed on the catch cup. I would assume that this mill is an early one manufactured in Germany rather than Holland as they use the German KAFFEE rather than the Dutch KOFFIE. There is a 1900 written on the back of the hopper and I can't be sure if this is a date or model number but I would date this to sometime before 1926 which is when PeDe began manufacturing mills in Holland. This mill was a total mess when I got it with black and 1970's avocado green paint brushed onto the body, backboard and everywhere else including the hopper. It has been totally cleaned, the body repainted the backboard cleaned and is ready to go to work. There are some worm-holes in the lid that attest to it's European background along with a small stress crack. There is some some minor chipping around the fill hole. The catch cup also has some minor chipping at the bottom corners.


PeDe Coffee Grinder or Mill


Item No. 4071

A very nice deco style mill manufactured by PeDe (Peter Dienes).

The main body of this mill is one solid piece of cast iron The body/hopper has it's original finish with a few areas that have some chipping and a couple of spots where it looks like a touch up was attempted. The lettering on the front is badly worn and is written as "KOFFIE" in bright red wavy lettering. The glass catch cup is in very good condition with the exception of one small chip on the back right corner. I did repaint the back board and the handle on this mill in an antique white as they had already been painted over once and the paint that remained was badly chipped.

 It is adjusted by turning a wheel that is mounted above the back of the cup opposite the handle. I was able to disassemble and clean the interior of this mill as the "guts" are accessible from the back when it is removed from the mounting board.


Armin Trosser Coffee Grinder or Mill 


Item No. 3649

This Armin Trosser mill was manufactured in Germany and I would date it to around the 1950's. It is in very good clean condition but I have only cleaned the exterior of this mill as the paint on the bolts that hold the body together would chip it I were to take it apart. It has a plastic top and a porcelain hopper with a windmill scene. There are no chips or cracks in the hopper or catch cup and only some minor tarnish on the handle.


DeVe Coffee Grinder or Mill 


Item No. 3648

This is a  wall mounted coffee mill by DeVe of Holland with a typical windmill scene on the hopper. I have only cleaned the exterior of this mill as the paint on the bolts that hold the body together would chip it I were to take it apart. It has a Plastic top with a porcelain hopper. I would date this mill to somewhere right around the 1950's. The only thing to report is some minor chipping of the paint around the mounting holes.


Spong No. 1 Coffee Grinder or Mill


Item No. 4051

The design of this mill has remained virtually unchanged since they were first made around 1860. I would estimate this particular mill dates from around the 1950's or 60's. It can be either mounted to a table using the clamp or screwed to the wall. It has a grind adjust knob on the back and it's original round metal cup that catches the ground coffee. I don't think this particular mill was used much if at all so the paint on this mill is in excellent original condition. The interior and exterior were cleaned so it's ready to use. Click here to compare the size of the No. 1 and No. 2 mills



Husqvarna  No. 9 Coffee Grinder or Mill


Item No. 4073

It's proven difficult to find much of any information on these mills. It is marked, Husqvarna made in Sweden and I assume that it is by the same company that makes the chain saws and power equipment. The information I did find on these mills puts the date of manufacture somewhere around 1910 or after. This mill is very heavy (7 lbs.), well made and is very similar to a Landers Frary & Clark No.01. (I hesitate to say it's a copy of the LF&C, but it's almost identical right down to the bearings on the main shaft). On the front it is embossed with the number "9" and on the back it is embossed with a star on the bowl and "Husqvarna Made In Sweden" on the main body. It has it's original black finish which is in very good condition. It has been cleaned on the exterior and all interior working parts were wire brushed to bare metal.


Original - Patentado 7" Wheel Coffee Grinder

Item No. 4057

This mill was manufactured  in the Basque area of Spain by the M-J-F Company. It measures right around 9 1/2" tall and has one 7" wheel. It has it's original red finish with some minor staining and is in very good condition considering that it dates from 1910-1920. I didn't want to disturb the paint over the screws so I did not disassemble this to clean it. I did get in from the top and bottom with a Dremel tool and cleaned the grinding gears as well as I could. It was then blown out with compressed air and had some fresh beans run through it.


Elma 8" Wheel Coffee Grinder

Item No. 3881

Manufactured in Spain by the Elma Mfg. Co. circa 1930, this mill has a cast iron body with a wooden drawer and an aluminum hopper. There is tarnish and some loss of finish on the hopper and lid. The original wood base has been replaced with a piece of finished oak.

Height 12" Wheel Diameter 8" Weight 9 lbs.



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