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Arcade Favorite No. 267 Coffee Grinder or Mill

Manufactured by Arcade Mfg. Co. in Freeport Il. this is a No 267 Favorite coffee mill. It features an open hopper design and dovetail construction. It retains it's original finish and the original label is also in good enough condition that the make and model number can still be read. This mill is unusual in that there are no screws used to attach the grinder mechanism to the wooden box, the hopper is simply inserted onto tabs in the base and twist locks on. There is a small piece of wood chipped off the back right corner that judging by the color has been gone for a long time and the wood on the base has warped slightly over time and pulled away from the body. This mill was thoroughly cleaned and is ready to use.

Item No. 4077

Landers Frary & Clark No. 109 Universal Coffee Grinder or Mill

This Landers Frary & Clark No. 109 Universal coffee mill was manufactured sometime after 1905 in Meriden, Connecticut. This was one of the most popular mills ever made and features a steel case. It is a very nice example and still has the majority of it's enamel paint and original label that is in good shape. It has some minor paint loss mainly around the drawer and spring loaded flip up lid.  It has been cleaned as thoroughly as possible and is ready to use if you wish.

Item No. 4027

Arcade Imperial No. 147 Coffee Grinder or Mill

This is a very nice Arcade Imperial No. 147 Coffee Mill manufactured in Freeport, Il. that features a gold bronzed lid with the right side being hinged above a sunken hopper which holds the beans. The condition of this mill is very good with the bronze hopper retaining almost all of it's finish. The wood is free of splits or cracks, the dovetail joints are tight and it also retains it's original finish. The label is about 95% intact and although darkened with age is still readable. This mill was disassembled as much as possible, the cast iron working parts were wire brushed and the rest was thoroughly cleaned so it is ready to use if you wish.

Item No. 2616

Bronson and Walton No. 999 Pickaniny Coffee Grinder or Mill

This is a Bronson and Walton No. 999 Pickaniny mill. It is very similar to their more well known Monitor mill but has a slightly different style handle and grind adjustment setup. It is made of sheet metal and has a metal cup that is pressed onto two tabs under the grinder to catch the ground coffee. This grinder had quite a bit of surface rust on the square part of the base, inside the hopper and inside the catch cup so those areas were wire brushed and repainted. There is a small tear on the edge of the hopper shown in the last picture. It has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to use.

Item No. 4012

Parker Coffee Grinder or Mill

This is  a Charles Parker coffee grinder that was manufactured in Meriden Ct. My research indicates that it was most likely made during the 1920's. It is an open hopper style mill on a wooden box that features dovetail joints. The handle is embossed "CP&Co.". The wood is all in good condition and the joints are tight. I believe the knob on the drawer was replaced at some time but it is very close to an original. It has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to use.

Item No. 386


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